Imprex is a game about the use of forecasts to prevent flooding. Participants have to be ready to protect their city and its inhabitants from flooding by interpreting forecasts and making decisions about what level of flood defences to deploy.

The aim of the game is to improve society’s ability to anticipate, respond to and understand future hydrological extreme events (e.g. floods an droughts) in Europe.

Your role in the game

You have been hired as the head of the flood forecasting centre FLOODEX and this is your first day. Your task is to protect Venture City and its inhabitants, the Venturers, from floods.

As part of your work, you will have to manage a team of forecasters and a flood protection team. They are here to run the forecasts and advise you on the actions to take, but you are ultimately responsible for all decisions made. To make a decision, you can go to:

  • The forecasters’ room where you can access the latest flood forecasts, and pay for computationally-demanding error adjustments to improve the forecasts.
  • The flood incident room where you can learn about the river, ask about the situation on the ground and ask the team to take measures to limit the impact of the coming flood (put up temporary flood defences or evacuate the population).

You have a one week probation period and a set initial budget which should cover all your expenses. Everyone has heard good things about you here and is looking forward to working with you, don’t ruin your popularity!

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