Teacher showing young girl science experiments

Operation Earth

You are invited to explore the fascinating world of environmental science through Operation Earth. Get involved in exciting hands-on activities, experiments, public shows and meet-the-expert sessions, for children and families across the UK.

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Operation Earth includes 11 brilliant organisations as partners. Why not find a centre near you?

Planet Earth

Earth Experiments

Try this at Home

Science is all about experimenting and finding out about why everything is the way it is. Science doesn’t need to happen in a lab though it can happen in your own home. Try these experiments and release your inner scientist. Ask an adult to help you upload a picture of your experiment to inspire other budding scientists!

Citizen Science

Citizen science is to use the power of collaborative volunteer research to explore or collect huge data sets that researchers simply wouldn’t be able to do on their own. It is now easier than ever to take part, with smartphones, or even a notepad, to capture and contribute information about the natural world.

Amazing Earthy Facts

The amount of water on Earth is constant, and continually recycled over time: some of the water you drink will have passed through a dinosaur!

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